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Blitz Toolbox/DLLs/Blitz Bass Studio (B3D/B+)

Blitz Bass Studio (B3D/B+) by Abrexxes




Audiolib for Blitz+ and Blitz3D (mp3/flac/ogg/wma/ac3/midi/soundfonts/tag/sfx/rec./5.1/7.1/visual.....)
With this lib you can use all the features from one of the best audio engines in your own blitz programm.
For more informations and features (bass/bassmod) see : http://www.un4seen.com/
But Blitz_Bass_Studio can do lot more. Try it out. :)

Version info: http://www.abrexxes.huntingsoftware.de/blitz/versions.txt
Download Blitz_Bass_Studio: http://www.abrexxes.huntingsoftware.de/blitz/blitz_bass_studio.zip Version 1.7.1 (23.03.2009)

More stuff:
Default "Creative Labs" GM midi soundfont (4 mb version): http://www.abrexxes.huntingsoftware.de/blitz/CT4MGM.zip (3,8 mb) You need BBS version 1.6.0 or highter)
Download DreamPlayer 3.0 (+source) : http://www.abrexxes.huntingsoftware.de/blitz/dp30source.zip (640 kb)(You need B3D 1.103+ to compile)

Demos (win32/exe): (You can find the sources of this demos in the BBS download)
Online streams: http://www.abrexxes.huntingsoftware.de/blitz/wwwstream.zip (1,3 mb)
Visualisation: http://www.abrexxes.huntingsoftware.de/blitz/vumeter.zip (2,4 mb)
Modinfo: http://www.abrexxes.huntingsoftware.de/blitz/modinfo.zip (610 kb)
Dx8 Effects: http://www.abrexxes.huntingsoftware.de/blitz/dx8sfx.zip (1 mb)
3D Demo: http://www.abrexxes.huntingsoftware.de/blitz/3dtut.zip (1,5 mb)

Main features of bass:
- Support for WAV/AIFF/MP3/MP2/MP1/OGG and custom generated samples
- Stream any sample data in 8/16/32 bit
- MP3/MP2/MP1/OGG/WAV/AIFF file streaming
- Stream data from HTTP and FTP servers (inc. Shoutcast, Icecast & Icecast2), with proxy server support and adjustable buffering
- Stream data from anywhere using any delivery method
- Support for more than plain stereo, including multi-channel OGG/WAV/AIFF files
- MOD files uses the same engine as XMPlay (very accurate, fast, high quality reproduction), with full support for all effects, filters, stereo samples, DMO effects, etc...
- MODs with MP3 or OGG compressed samples (vastly reduced file size with virtually identical sound quality), MO3s are created using the MO3 encoder
- Simultaneously use multiple soundcards, and move channels between them
- Flexible recording system, with multiple device support and input selection, (WMA encoding & broadcasting via the add-on, and other formats via BASSenc)
- Streams and musics can be outputted in any way you want (encoded, written to disk, streamed across a network, etc...)
- Assign streams and musics to specific speakers to take advantage of hardware capable of more than plain stereo (up to 4 separate stereo outputs with a 7.1 soundcard)
- Synchronize events in your software to the MOD music and streams, synchronize playback of multiple channels together
- Apply any effects that you want, in any order you want
- Chorus / compressor / distortion / echo / flanger / gargle / parametric eq / reverb, 2 implementation options each with its benefits (including mixing with DSP functions)
- Floating-point stream/music decoding, DSP, FX, and recording
- Play samples/streams/musics in any 3D position, with EAX support
- Small buffers for realtime performance, large buffers for stability, automatic and manual buffer updating
- Add-on system for additional format support (C/C++ API available on request), dynamic plugin loading system, access to underlying DirectSound objects
- BASS is less than 100KB, so won't bloat your distribution